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Hachiku’s homemade bedroom pop
transcends you to a cosmic abyss, filled with
imaginary friends, polar bears and zombie slayers. 

Inspired by other DIY artists (think: Grimes, Perfume Genius and early
CocoRosie), Hachiku, a.k.a Anika Ostendorf, 22, writes and produces dream pop
with an an avant garde twist from whichever bedroom she is currently inhabiting.

Born in Detroit and raised in Germany, Ostendorf can be best described as a global artist
whose bedroom studios are perpetually changing. She formed her sound at 16 while on a
road trip of the U.S.—accompanied only by her dog, Lexus—before relocating to London and
recently Melbourne, further developing her music across the globe. Her unique brand of
operatic glitter pop (~ 45 tracks consecutively layered in patchwork-style fashion on top of Casio
drum loops), paints dreamy landscapes of monumental sound, with each song taking the listener on
a melodic journey. Her bedroom beats have already been creating a buzz – she opened for Courtney Barnett on her 2015 European tour and was invited to take part in the Split Singles Club, a
collaborative project curated by Australian independent labels Milk! Records and Bedroom Suck presenting their favorite artists.

Hachiku is now permanently based in Melbourne and will release her debut EP Hachiku in
mid 2017 on Milk! Records. Hachiku’s Hachiku, self-recorded and mixed over a 2.5 year period
across 3 countries using a semi-portable home studio setup and plenty of burrowed microphones,
guitars, and drum kits, has been patiently awaiting its release day since July 2015. The first single 
Moon Face, released earlier this year as part of the Split Singles Club, is now accompanied by a
daydreamy video clip directed by Roxanne Halley (film maker, video artist and director for
Independent production company Eye Sea Films) with cinematography by Felicia Smith.  

Hachiku recently upgraded to a multi-talented, all-around sexy 4-piece
live band with Jessie L. Warren (half/cut, Tim Richmond Group, Dirt Hand,
HALFSHARK, Jessie L. Warren) on the bass, Jim Lawrie (Jim Lawrie)
on the swizzle sticks and Georgia Smith (Georgia Smith,
Jessie L. Waren) on the semi-acoustic.
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